Wednesday 17 June 2015

Cats After Anaesthesia

If this video funny? It is meant to be. I don't think it is.  You wouldn't laugh at two old men who had just been operated upon and come out of an operating theatre after an anaesthetic and laugh like this at them if they were falling all over the place, would you?  So why do we laugh at cats who have just come from a vet and been operated upon under general anaesthetic?

I'm probably being too serious about this but I simply don't understand where the fun comes from because all I see is a couple of cats who were simply recovering from a general anaesthetic which makes them unsteady on their feet as it takes time to recover from the drugs.  I know we are supposed to be amused by the fact that these two cats are walking in what appeared to be a crazy manner but we know the reason why and the reason is serious.

Update:  I have since discovered they have they have cerebellar hypoplasia. All the more reason to not laugh. It is depressing when people laugh at cats under these circumstances.

I don't think we should laugh at cats when the surrounding circumstances are serious.  I don't think we should be amused by cats when the cat suffers from a genetic/congenital defect which is the case, quite often, with cats who have surprisingly appearances.  There are a number of cats who we might describe a celebrity cats who have congenital defects causing them to seem amusing to people who I would describe as unsophisticated.
I don't like seeing cats laughed at just because they are deformed or because they are drugged up as these two cats have been.  It is unfair.  And I'm not anthropomorphising cats when I say that.  I am simply respecting the domestic cat. If we laugh at cats under these circumstances it indicates that we disrespect the cat and when we disrespect to cat we are likely, or it is possible, that people will abuse the cat or at least treat the cat in the less than proper manner.

That is my argument and reason why these videos should not be on the Internet in my opinion.


  1. I don't like seeing animals or people laughed at because they have a difference. Mocking animals of any kind for their difference is human evolution going backwards, it smacks of mob behaviour, which always leads to harm.


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