Thursday 28 May 2015

Cat Falling: Heart Stopping Video

Well, I hope you found it as heart stopping as I found it. It is a bit shocking. We don't know if the cat was uninjured despite running away. Cats do this even when injured. Such a fall may have injured he chest and/or chin.

I'd be surprised if he/she was uninjured. What was she doing trying to climb that wall? And what is the person doing recording the moment? Was it set up and why did the cat turn near the top?

He actually recorded it using a motor driven still camera as this is an animated gif file, not a true video although I call it that for convenience.


  1. Heartbreaking, should be imprisoned and thrown off a high place for treating animals do bad,,,another cat is in the alley and looks scared and confused, I'm very upset to think how awful a human can be,

  2. That was just sad, and I do not think the cat got himself into that situation. Yes, it was definitely hurt. I hope they did not do that just for the sake of posting something on the internet. Sad and shameful.

    1. I can barely watch it. Shocking for me. Humans set this up or let it happen in my opinion. It is too odd. A cat would not get into that situation naturally.

  3. Seriously? I'm kind of shocked that people are so stupid to let the Internet take over their lives.

    I see why you call it a video, its kind of long for a gif.


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