Domestic cats and dogs may have to be vaccinated in the future against Covid-19 to protect people

This is a quick note but one worth making nonetheless. I think I can predict that in the long term, perhaps in about 18 months to 2 years time, governments in various countries, perhaps predominantly in the West, will be thinking about vaccinating companion animals as a second phase protective measure against Covid-19.  This is because there is a concern amongst some scientists that animals may create a reservoir for mutant variants of the Covid-19 virus. As the virus is zoonotic it can theoretically and actually be transmitted from animals to people and this must apply also to companion animals. Danish mink farmer with white mink due to be euthanised. Photo per credit Perhaps because of the general panicked nature of governmental responses to the coronavirus pandemic, not enough work has been done on this aspect of the spread of the disease. In addition nobody wants to alarm anybody which may lead to companion animal abuse. In fact, in China, at the outset of the pandemic, there were

Lawyer for Kristen Lindsey defends his client in letter to Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

Lawyer for Kristen Lindsey defends his client in letter to Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

This is a cross-post as I want to spread the word on this one because there is considerable public interest in the outcome of the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners' investigation into the alleged criminal behavior of Dr Kristen Lindsey in killing her neighbor's cat with a bow and arrow while in her backyard.

If you click on the link you can read more. Below I reproduce the letter again. Lindsey's lawyer says that her alleged behavior has nothing to do with the veterinary profession. Do you agree that? I don't because the attitude and personal standards of a veterinarian are crucial to how she conducts herself at her workplace. Compassion is an essential ingredient to being a decent vet. Lindsey has demonstrated her fondness for killing animals - the opposite. Additionally, the way vets comport themselves outside of work impacts on the profession as a whole.

The veterinary profession must be trusted and trustworthy. All vets have a duty to promote that image. Shooting a domestic cat through the head at close range for entertainment is damaging to the veterinary profession.

Note: at this stage a court has not found her guilty of criminal behavior so these are allegations.


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