Thursday 21 May 2015

Are animal rights advocates extremists?

I don't believe animal rights advocates are extremists. The establishment like to label them extremists as they don't want the establishment disturbed by change. The don't want things to change because they are fine as things are; exploiting poor people and animals.

It is more sensible to describe the establishment as extremists in respect of their attitude towards animals. This is because, in the UK, they are about to reinstate fox hunting, a "sport" that is obviously inhumane and immoral to anyone with a conscience.

For donkey's years the establishment allowed cosmetics companies to test their non-essential products on animals.

Farming is part of the establishment and we know what happens on farms to animals - think factory farming.

Factory farming is extreme farming and cruel to animals yet it is accepted by the establishment. It is the establishment who are the extremists.

Then there are products such as foie gras, a luxury food beloved of the establishment and the rich, which is produced in the most cruel way.

These are only a few examples, there are dozens more.

Animal rights advocates are simply focusing very keenly on the failure of many people to relate to animals is a decent way. What is extreme about that?

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