Wednesday 20 May 2015

How I cured a fox of mange by hand feeding

Freddie Fox, Barnes, London

This is another cross-post. It was an event in my life about five years ago. A lot foxes where I lived had mange. Mange is an awful parasitic disease which causes hair loss and great irritation in foxes. There are many urban foxes in London.

I used to fed this female fox and she got mange. I could easily tell because her tail lost its fur. And then other parts of her body. It was distressing.

I sourced a homeopathic cure in liquid form which I poured over chicken slices. In the early hours of the morning I offered them to her and she took the chicken from my hand tenderly in her mouth. There was never any chance of a bite. She was a gentle, trusting fox.

Over many weeks her mange disappeared and her fur came back. One day under the bright sun on the manicured lawn she rolled onto her back and wriggled around in delight. She was pain free. I could tell.

From that day on I have not seen her again. I believed she had been shot by a government employed hunter who I believe cull urban foxes. This might be incorrect.

I am happy I helped her. It is horrible to see a fox suffer with mange. It kills many urban foxes quite quickly because of exposure (loss of body temperature) and diseases caused by self-mutilation in biting and scratching the irritated skin.

If you click on the link at the top of the page you'll see another picture of her in reasonable shape and another video. She came into the flat one day! Here is the video:

Interacting With A Wild Fox


  1. Thank you for helping her, so few bother. She's a lovely girl, very calm. I love the enthusiastic little nip to your sleeve, just a mis-cue, you don't taste like chicken!

    Does she still come to your garden?

    1. I have since moved but my girlfriend still lives there and she feeds a fox, probably a different one. I don't know what happened to my fox. I fear for their safety. They have a hard time in London.


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