Wednesday 17 June 2015

Blind deaf and brain damage cat looks much older than her age

This is a picture of  Bonnie.  She is 4 to 5 years of age, we are told.  She looks very much like a geriatric cat.  We are told also that she has brain damage because the car ran over her head.  This has left her blind, deaf and with a poor sense of smell apparently.  She's very well cared for.  She likes to purr.  She walks in circles which is indicative of brain damage.

On the website Reddit, participants send to her presents, and so on, to help.  She has become quite a little celebrity in her own way.  Should a blind, deaf and brain damaged cat become a little bit of a celebrity?  Well, if it makes her life better and improves her care and welfare then the answer must be yes.

Bonnie, brain damaged, deaf and blind but has a decent life.
Bonnie's life once again reminds us that disabled cats can have decent lives in the right household and with the appropriate care.  Disabled cats are very good at getting on and making the best of the disability.



  1. What a little darling. I think it's wonderful every time a cat who is disabled or different in some way that doesn't fit within the narrow banding that is conventional attractiveness, gets some positive exposure.

    Bonnie is a sweetheart.

    1. My feelings exactly. I also gravitate towards these sorts of cats.


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