Friday 8 June 2012

Killing Boxes For Cats

I am writing about gas chambers for cats and dogs. They are still used in the United States you know. It must be convenient. It is a form industrialized killing. Injections aren't fast enough. Of course there is little (or no) concern for the suffering of the cats and dogs of which many will be former family members. It takes the breath away, when you think about it. But don't think about it because it just makes you unhappy.


As the person who uploaded the video said, gas chambers were deemed inhumane for the killing of criminals on death row some of whom are the worst kind of serial killer. Yet it is perfectly acceptable and normal to kill our companion animals this way. They shouldn't even be killed never mind this way. They say sometimes the cat or dog drowns in his own vomit. They are all terrified.

I have not watched the video and I won't watch the video. This is because when you become older you have less tolerance for this sort of thing.

Don't watch it if it will upset you.

The following text is from Olga's email to me. A lot of people will have read it already but some have not. That is why I have published it here. To spread the word. To knock on the door of sanity.

To hope and pray that one day someone in authority will give the order to stop doing this.

Gas chambers are still being used to kill animals that are noted as "sick" or its usually because they do not have enough room. 31 States are still using gas chambers but because of voices like yours 19 states have decided to ban gas chambers lets shoot for all states!

The gas chamber usually can take up to 45 minutes for the animals to pass sometimes it takes even longer. A few have miraculously survived the recent reporting of survivors are Andrea (cat) and Daniel (beagle) both from different states. Its obvious these gas chambers aren't being used properly.

Graphic text just to forewarn

During this process the animals are put into a small box with many other animals (sometimes up to 30. The gas is turned on they are scared and cramped as this gas fills their lungs it starts burning their insides and eyes. They then begin to panic and cry for help as they bleed from their cavities, vomit and defecate all over (literally) and finally after enduring this for several minutes they take their last breath... As all of this is going on they are usually fully conscious.

I am not religious. But let us pray for them and our souls because in doing this we damage ourselves.

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