Saturday 9 June 2012

@ChoupettesDiary Tweets

I had to look up Choupette Lagerfeld's tweets on Twitter. In case you have not noticed the story of Choupette in the press, Choupette is a Siamese kitten. I think it is interesting from the standpoint that the person doing the tweets might be Karl Lagerfeld. It is probably a mixture of people who make the tweets including the two maids who look after Choupette. Of course it could be Choupette because she can use an iPad which brings me nicely to the first tweet from Choupette (they are in blue):

Gucci may have gotten a horse but can the horse use an iPad? I THINK NOT!

I am kitty no.1 who wears #Chanel no.5 (cc. @UYS_Blog) . (does she really wear perfume!?)

Daddy may not dress me up but little does he know how good I look when he leaves & I try on in his black blazer. ME-OWWW! (comment: Mr Lagerfeld thankfully does not agree with dressing up cats. There might be a temptation in Karl's case because he is one of the world's most famous designers. He likes black for himself and probably has tons of black blazers).

Victoria Beckham’s dog knows nothing about how to model clothing. Leave it to the real catwalkers: the felines. (a nice pun on 'catwalkers').

Maid, I request a swarovski crystal encrusted laser pointer to chase. Fetch me one MEOW! Karl is going to buy his Siamese a laser pointer toy. Seems that way.

Please consider allowing cats front row during the next fashion week. I promise to wear my best collar. Seems that Choupette might be attending the next fashion show.

Don't be confused, Daddy gushes more over me than he does Kate Middleton. There's only room for ONE princess in the Lagerfeld chateau. Sensible. Mr Lagerfeld prefers his cat to Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge - William's wife).

I have chosen 2 test wat humans call "ombré". Not sure what this means but the text is below a picture of Choupette wearing claw caps (soft paws):

Choupette's claws capped.

Well, for someone like Mr Lagerfeld who is very particular it seems that capping the claws is a nice solution. I guess he does not want any of his clothes snicked or some of his creations snagged if they are lying around the home. Good one to end on. Choupette has 4,800 followers on Twitter. She has been a member for about 3 days!

Choupette has the appearance of a traditional Siamese cat incidentally.

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