Sunday 3 June 2012

Cat Cruelty Person Gets Off

This is very disappointing news. In November of 2011 there was a news story about a case of cat cruelty in which some CCTV footage was shown on television of a young man swinging a black cat around by his tail while walking down the street. The place was Ramsgate in the UK. Ramsgate is known as a bit of a dump by the sea (I am being a bit cruel myself).  The cat is Mowgli and the cat's companion is Michelle Buchanan. I videoed the television for a few seconds (sorry about the copyright issues):

That tells you all you need to know. Unfortunately the person who was charged with the crime has got off after a court appearance. The reason? The CCTV footage was too poor and other means of connecting him with the crime failed.

I am surprised. What is the purpose of CCTV cameras if the image is not of sufficient quality to identify the perpetrator of a crime? And what is more surprising is that a woman, Miss Jarvis, 62, protested with the perpetrator and forced him to drop the cat. Wasn't she able to identify him? Shame. And why bring the prosecution to court if you can't positively identify the accused, who incidentally was Riain Richards aged 20?

Apparently he was egged on by his friends who had a great time watching. He actually swung the cat around 17 times for 30 seconds. Makes you think. Mowgli was left traumatised and doesn't like going out anymore. His behavior has changed.

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