Sunday 3 June 2012

The FDA and Chinese Dog Treats

This is a bit smelly. It is a bit bizarre. If you are an old geezer like me you tend to become a bit cynical when you think what might be behind stories such as the FDA and Chinese dog treats.

Elisa wrote about Purina Pet Treats Made In China Killing Dogs. This is a short follow up after I read a bit of material about it. There is a lot of information (too much) on the internet about this.

The major interest in this story is that the FDA today, 3rd June 2012, some 5 years after this problem first appeared, are still doing tests on the product to try and discover the contaminant that is causing dogs to fall ill and some to die after eating these treats.

Despite lots of reports of dogs dying shortly after eating the product, the FDA decided that the product can remain on the shelves. They have a bland notice on their website which cannot satisfy a concerned dog caretaker. In fact it makes me positively suspicious and dog owners angry. There are similar stories coming out of Australia about the same product.

They have taken the view that there is no hard evidence that chicken jerky products made in China kills dogs. Maybe something else is causing these deaths? I understand their caution but judging by the ton of anecdotal evidence the product should be withdrawn.

The cause of death would appear to be kidney failure. Kidney failure in dogs can be caused by high levels of vitamin D in a diet. Or by heavy metals or rodent killer. Any of these might apply in this case.

Like many others I feel that if after about 5 years the FDA can't discover the cause of the toxicity in Chinese made dog treats they are unlikely to ever find it. This can only mean that the food is not toxic which flies in the face of all the stories and complaints from dog owners. Or it is toxic but the FDA have a vested interest in not declaring it toxic.

Vested interests are usually of a monetary kind. We know that the Chinese government has openly admitted that there is far to much corruption in China. It permeates all aspects of business and regulation of business.

Is there something smelly going on the corridors and laboratories of the FDA? And why is NestlĂ© Purina®/Friskies sourcing pet food China with the horrible history that country has with respect to pet food quality and toxicity. See for example the classic: Melamin in Cat Food. And this article by VG. They are too concerned with profit and not enough with animal welfare.

Also, Purina are involved with animal testing. Or they were and I see no reason to believe that they have stopped. I don't see any redeeming feature with Purina.

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