Saturday 2 June 2012

Creepy Cat Cartoon

Creepy cat was a bungling cartoon cat who appeared in two issues of Film Funnies from 1949-1950). This was the golden era of Marvel Comics.

Creepy cat has a similar role to Tom in the famous Tom and Jerry series. Creepy had to catch a smart mouse in the home where he lived.

Unfortunately for Creepy, the mouse was smarter than him so his task ended in failure. Creepy studies the art and science of catching a mouse. He reads How to Catch Mice. The mouse looks over his shoulder!

In another episode, the smart aleck mouse puts a lobster in Creepy's bath. Creepy is scared and tries to run out of the house. Mr Mouse tells him to jump out of the window which Creepy fails to do because it is shut. He would have been hurt less if he had jumped into the bath with the lobster.

I think you can get the drift of this cartoon character's exploits. Creepy cat was a large orange cat with visibly sharp teeth. It is rare for cartoon cats to show sharp teeth.

Note 1: in real life orange cats tend to be smart and alpha types. I guess orange is a good color for a cartoon cat.

Note 2: I couldn't find pictures or videos of this forgotten cartoon cat. However, you will find a cat called 'Creepy Cat' on the internet but I don't think it is the original cat that I am writing about. Creepy cat is a generic type term so it can be used somewhere else.

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