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Woman addicted to plastic surgery wanted cat's eyes

The humble domestic cat can be a silent influencer as this woman - a social media influencer herself - decided to have cat eye cosmetic surgery. Woman addicted to plastic surgery wanted cat's eyes. And got them. Image: aesthetic_clinic_london/Instagram This is a classic story of a woman addicted to plastic surgery who in her latest session under the knife (in a foreign country where it is considerably cheaper?) decided have her eye shape modified to look that those of a domestic cat. She did not stop there. I think it was done in Turkey where this sort of surgery is big business. A lot of Brits go there for cheap surgery. Katie Price does for example. Update: Yes, this doctor is based in Istanbul, Turkey. The Turkish doctor responsible, Dr Hakan Ozocak, explains the nips and tucks he made. She had other mods done at the same time which the surgeon recommends (he would) and also in the final flourish decided to take the opportunity to interview the surgeon on camera and to publish t