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Saturday 13 May 2023

Woman addicted to plastic surgery wanted cat's eyes

The humble domestic cat can be a silent influencer as this woman - a social media influencer herself - decided to have cat eye cosmetic surgery.

Woman addicted to plastic surgery wanted cat's eyes
Woman addicted to plastic surgery wanted cat's eyes. And got them. Image: aesthetic_clinic_london/Instagram

This is a classic story of a woman addicted to plastic surgery who in her latest session under the knife (in a foreign country where it is considerably cheaper?) decided have her eye shape modified to look that those of a domestic cat. She did not stop there. I think it was done in Turkey where this sort of surgery is big business. A lot of Brits go there for cheap surgery. Katie Price does for example. Update: Yes, this doctor is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Turkish doctor responsible, Dr Hakan Ozocak, explains the nips and tucks he made.

She had other mods done at the same time which the surgeon recommends (he would) and also in the final flourish decided to take the opportunity to interview the surgeon on camera and to publish the video on her TiKTok webpage. What else? Why not?  Here it is:

For someone like me of the old school it is a reflection of modern madness. The manic desire to alter your appearance like customising your car and to put the whole experience on social media for the world to see. What do people think? 


My guess is that most readers and viewers will be appalled and feel sorry for her. She had a bum job too with tons of silicon stuffed into her buttocks. After many surgeons refused to do it, she found one who would in some faraway place I expect but it all leaked out of her bum. 

Yes, well, that is the kind of risk you take with the only body you've got when you go for these cosmetic procedures. She became addicted to lip filler at an early age. 

It is an addiction as strong as nicotine, alcohol and betting. It should possibly be banned. These woman and some men need to be protected from themselves.

And you know what, the domestic cat's eye is not really what she thinks it is. It is a cosmetic surgeon's version. But it appears to be an eye which slopes upwards at the corners adjacent to the temples.

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