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Tuesday 31 October 2023

Woman transitioning to a 'human cat' with many body modifications and more to come

The image and videos that you see are of a young 22-year-old Italian woman named Chiara Dell’Abate aka Aydin Mod who wants to transition to a 'human cat' through plastic surgery, piercings, tattoos and other body modifications. Does she look like a cat? The answer is no quite definitely. I don't know what her thinking is but to an outsider like me, she has not realised her objective; nowhere near. I find it very sad indeed that she has done this to herself. For me she looks revolting.

Italian woman transitioned to a 'human cat' through 20 body modifications with more to come
Chiara Dell’Abate aka Aydin Mod. Screenshot (modified) from YouTube.

Apparently, she is very excited about her transitioning to a human cat. She started the long journey at the tender age of 11 when she received her first body mod. She now has 72 piercings in her body.

Her body modifications include punched nostrils, 0.8 cm upper lip piercings and a 1.6 cm inner labia piercing. Her tongue has been split (see video below). Horror. I can't see that that is anything at all to do with being a domestic cat. Domestic cats do not have split tongues but snakes do. 

She struggles to speak properly. I wonder if she struggles to eat properly too. And what about day-to-day functioning? These body mods must get in the way.

But she is very happy with her body. She said, "I'm thinking that I would be a pretty cool cat lady".

In addition to the above, she has submitted herself to a blepharoplasty which, I'm told, removes excess skin or fat from the eyelids. Her eyeballs have been tattooed!! She has pointed ears, forehead implants and claw-like nails. And permanent eyeliner.

She added: "I think becoming a cat lady is more appropriate for me as I don’t really want to look like a cartoon character. I have always loved cats, and I think I’ll look really bold and fierce as a cat lady with the right body mods."

She is not finished. She was to become more like a human cat.

"To achieve the full cat-like look, I will need a cat eyes lift or canthoplasty — surgery to produce more elongated and naturally almond-shaped eyes — teeth reshaping, upper lip cut, more fillers."

And she said that she will employ something called a transdermal which is like a micro dermal to attach a tail and definitely more tattoos. 

She said that the procedures hurt a lot but the pain is temporary and not a big deal to her. Some people have slammed her for her desire to dramatically alter her appearance. For me, the alterations are very much to her detriment. She looks horrendous to me. But I am an old man with particular views. Perhaps I'm a bit old-fashioned but....she looks horrible...

Some people have labelled her psychotic and disturbed. Others have been supportive and praised her for living freely. She said that through her body modifications, "I feel free to stay true to myself, regardless of what people think."

I just wonder whether she wants to modify her body because she is unhappy with it. I wonder if she does have mental health problems. I am not saying that she does by the way. She sounds perfectly normal and rational but I also wonder whether she will think exactly the same way in 10 or 20 years' time. I doubt whether she will. I wish her well.

But because there is more to come, she'll get progressively worse until she turns into a monster. And what about the cost? And has anyone checked out her mental health? People should be protecting her.
P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

Sunday 21 May 2023

Grandma walks miles to get a bag of food for her cat (Ukraine)

This is the tweet: Slava Babusya (grandma)! ---this Ukrainian woman walked a few miles amid the shelling this week to get a bag of food for her cat. Resilience. Photo: Natasha Mazur, Ukraine Animal Rescue.

When we feel like complaining because the price of cat food has increased rapidly, we should think of grandma. When we have a little problem with getting our cat's favorite cat food, we should think of grandma. It kind of puts things into perspective don't you think?

She must be in her 80s! It makes your shake your head in disbelief and admiration. Mind you, I'd do the same thing.

When you have to do something like that to feed your cat you do it if you have the right kind of relationship and the physical ability. And she has. I'd bet her cat is her closest friend and she'd do anything for him/her.

So many cats and dogs have lost their lives in this illegal war. We don't know how many animals have died because of the war but it is a huge number. And so many homeless, starving cats now when they were once living in caring homes.

There is a young girl in one city who now looks after the abandoned domestic cats turned feral including her own. 

Update the next day: Disappointment is how I feel about this post. It has received one view in 12 hours and I advertised it on social media. If I had published a nasty animal abuse video instead it would have received hundreds of views. What does that say about people? Think about it.

This is a really admirable women. And we need to support Ukraine.

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