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Friday 14 April 2023

In Spain dogs CAN'T have sex with dogs but a human CAN have sex with dogs!

Spain has decriminalised bestiality
Spain has decriminalised bestiality!! True or false? See below. Screenshot.

Get this! This attractive woman (speaking in Spanish with subtitles and dubbing) on TikTok explains very concisely that in Spain they have decriminalised bestiality and therefore people can have sex with dogs but because they've got restrictions on dog breeders dogs can't have sex with other dogs.  Note: this applies to any animal but dogs are the chosen species in this discussion.

That is her point. And it begs the question whether she is correct because a website called The Local (local news from Spain I presume) states that Spain has not legalised bestiality.

This is her video announcement. She ends it by saying you can't kill a rat in Spain but you can have sex with it.

However, when you go to the European Parliament's website, it states, "Spanish breach of European animal health legislation". That heading is dated 6 March 2023. It is therefore recent to this post.

And I will quote them verbatim the sake of clarity. Here it is:

"Spain recently deleted Article 337 of the Criminal Code concerning sexual acts between humans and animals and replaced it with a new article criminalising bestiality if an act injures an animal to such an extent that intervention by a veterinarian is necessary.

Originally, bestiality was considered a form of animal cruelty in criminal law. The new law waters that down by stating that it is only a crime if a sexual act with an animal causes injury to the animal. This means that the left-wing Spanish Government no longer appears to assume that all non-consensual sexual acts equate to criminal sexual abuse. As if that were not bad enough, an amendment calling for a stricter approach was voted down.

New Article 340 of the Spanish Criminal Code, which no longer systematically criminalises bestiality, is in breach of European animal health legislation. One might ask who lobbied for that.

  1. Has the Commission taken note of the criminal code amended by the left-wing Spanish Government?
  2. Does the Commission intend to point out to the Spanish Government that animal health legislation covers not only transport, but also general animal welfare, and to request a review?"

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