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Narcissistic veterinarian with an inferiority complex over his small phallus stabbed his girlfriend

Narcissistic veterinarian with an inferiority complex over his small phallus stabbed his girlfriend
Hodgkinson and Fioletti photograph I believe that this image is in the public domain at this time.

Alberto Fioletti, 31, had, it was claimed in his criminal trial, developed a narcissistic personality disorder. His defence barrister, as I understand it, claimed that he slept with many women to "validate" himself". And he had an inferiority complex because of his "small penis".

His state of mind contributed, it seems, to his behaviour when he stabbed his girlfriend six times in the chest and once in the back with a kitchen knife.

The murder occurred on May 5 last year after an argument. His then girlfriend, Stephanie Hodgkinson, 34, a veterinary nurse, kicked Fioletti out of her flat in Bournemouth, Dorset.

The pair had met on a dating app and then started their relationship in October 2022.

They were both employed in veterinary practices. After the argument Fioletti told Hodgkinson: "I hope you're happy with yourself. You're gonna have a death on your hands now."

Fioletti admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. He denied murder but was found guilty of murder after a three-week trial.

Stephanie Hodgkinson's mother collected her granddaughter shortly before Stephanie was murdered. The grandmother, Sally Lloyd, said that, "I am tortured by the fact that as we played in the park, Stephanie's life was taken".

Fioletti's defence KC (King's Counsel - a top barrister) said that Fioletti had a severe personality disorder which affected his culpability and that he had been on suicide watch when on remand waiting for his trial.

The judge, Susan Evans KC, sentenced him to life with a minimum term of 15 years. She said to him that, "The damage you have done is immeasurable."


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