Sunday 28 January 2024

Video of Siberian tigers killing guard dogs in Far East of Russia

'In my view, [increased tiger attacks are] associated with the destruction of the predator's habitats due to logging, excessive hunting of [the tiger's prey] and African swine fever, which has decimated the remaining wild boar population,' said zoologist Sergei Kolchin in environmental news outlet Kedr.
Putin prides himself in being a wildlife conservationist. He likes wild cats and has been photographed with a leopard. He likes to think of himself as a wildlife expert. He has promoted the conservation of the Siberian tiger which is the world's biggest cat. They are a larger species than the Bengal because they live in a cold climate. It is about evolution and reducing body heat by increasing mass compared to surface area.

It seems that conservation has gone wrong in the region around Vladivostok in the Far East of Russia where an estimated 400 Amur (Siberian) tigers live.

Video of Siberian tigers killing guard dogs in Far East of Russia
Siberian tiger attacking and killing a guard dog in Siberia. Image credit: see embedded credit bottom left of the image.

We don't know how many there are. Their home ranges (the territory that they call their own) are vast; much larger than for the Bengal tiger as their is more space, less people and the prey animals are less densely distributed.

Here is a map of the Siberian tiger distribution that I created years ago.

People are being killed by the tigers too:

In December, Viktor S was viciously mauled and killed in the Khabarovsk region in eastern Russia while he was looking for 'the place where his dog was killed', likely by the same animal. - Daily Mail
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