Wednesday 3 January 2024

Female community cat who became a pet scared off 2 coyotes attacking dog companion

This is another one those impressive cat stories were the modest cat companion protects either a dog or a child or even a toddler from danger including attacks from coyotes. 

This story proves that domestic cat companions living in homes where there are dogs and kids, regard the dogs and kids as companions, even offspring to be protected. It is female cats who appear to regard kids and dogs as their offspring to be protects and defended when danger is present.

They take on the courage of the mother cat protecting her kittens and take enormous personal risks. 

In this video we see the family's black cat, Binx - who the family adapted as she walked into their home as a community cat - notice that her small white dog companion was being attacked by one of two coyotes. The attack was about to be fatal when the Binx intervened and the coyotes decided to leave.

The video is interesting also because coyotes often attack and kill domestic cats in the US. Cats know that coyotes are a predator to them. And yet this cat runs towards them and takes up the larger profile to try and scare them off. She succeeded. 

It is unsurprising in one way because mother cats are fearless when protecting kittens.


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