Friday 12 January 2024

Women steal elderly Ragdoll cat from front yard in Melbourne, Australia

NEWS/COMMENT: The video shows a couple of women in Melbourne, Australia, stealing an elderly Ragdoll cat owned by Andrew Ward, from the easily accessible front yard of his Melbourne home. The theft looks a bit haphazard and badly organised. Amateurish might be the correct description particularly as they were captured on the home owner's security camera.

The video tells us that four women might have been involved. They dumped the cat three days later but was thankfully reunited as she is microchipped. The cat had been injured in the meantime. Apparently she has lost some teeth and had a sore spine which looks like mishandling when the cat was struggling. 

The video is meant to be an example of a surge in pet thefts in Melbourne. Clearly this Ragdoll cat was targeted because she looks so beautiful but they decided that she was too old (15) to be a commercial success and that they wouldn't be able to sell her for a good price.

In Australia, purebred Ragdoll cats can sell for AU$5000. The police are investigating. The video is quite good so one would think that they would be able to identify thieves.

Screenshot from the CCTV video.


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