Friday 19 January 2024

You will need a high IQ to spot the hidden clue revealing the cat's owner

There is a brainteaser on the Internet today. It is an image of three women and one cat. Each woman has a sign on their clothes or person which is meant to tell us that they own the cat being held by the woman in the middle with the pink dress.

Only one of these three women owns the grey cat. All three could own it because they all have a sign which indicates that they might. So which one is the cat's owner?

I'm going to debunk and spoil (sorry) this brainteaser because I don't think it works 😈. So I will spare you the agony of trying to figure it out if it does cause you agony!

The owner of the cat is said to be the lady on the right-hand side with a green top and blonde hair.

You will need a high IQ to spot hidden clue revealing who the cat's owner is
Three women and a grey cat. Which woman owns the cat? Image: The Sun via Freshers Live.

The woman on the right is the owner because her green top has been torn by her cat's claws under the arm by the armpit.

Criticism and observation: 👿domestic cat don't tear clothes like that particularly in that area. Cats can scratch people and tear the skin for a whole range of reasons often innocuous or simply being defensive or because they are a bit anxious. Or most commonly in play. They just don't quite get it when they play with the hands of their owner.

But a domestic cat is not going to tear their owners clothes as we see in the image. This tear is about 10 inches long. And as mentioned it is under the armpit.

The length of the tear is almost unimaginable for a domestic cat to create. A cat might damage clothes slightly by kneading them. Domestic cats often knead the clothes of their caregiver because it is a kitten's instinctive behaviour and, as I have mentioned in other articles, the adult domestic cat is nearly always kept in a mental state where they believe that they are kittens because they are constantly provided for by their owner, with their owner acting as a surrogate mum.

So domestic cats knead clothes but that doesn't cause the damage that we see in this image. Cats don't scratch clothing like that unless under very rare and exceptional circumstances such as wrestling with their owner which really wouldn't happen. And in any case it is in the wrong position if that circumstance happened.

And lastly, the way it is drawn makes the image ambiguous. Does it look like it's been torn by a cat or by anything else? I don't think it does. It doesn't look like anything to me. It certainly doesn't look like it has been torn.

Conclusion: this brainteaser doesn't work. Yes, I'm being critical. Sorry for being serious about this. Just my style. 

Incidentally, I chose the lady on the left because I can see there's a cat image on her dress. The lady in the middle is meant to have a cat tattoo but once again the drawing is too poor. Does that look like a cat tattoo? It looks more like a crab to me!

The only clue that is 'readable' or recognisable is the cat image on the dress of the woman on the left! 😃


P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

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