Friday 2 June 2023

Try feather-light petting to see if it pleases your cat more

I'll try and explain what I mean in the title. My belief is that many cat owners apply too much downforce with their hands and fingers when petting/stroking their cat. I'd like to see more try a different method in which a feather-light touch is applied. The petting is very delicately applied. Much more delicately than one imagines. And it should be carried out very slowly too.

Try feather-light petting to see if it pleases your cat more

Slow and delicate is an alternative style of petting which particularly applies to men I would suggest. I think an experiment using this technique is worth trying to see your cat's reaction.

I sense that many cat caregivers have never really given much thought to the amount of downforce that their petting should deliver. We pet our cats in an instinctive way which suits us. It is as we are doing it to a fury little human and therefore the downforce is correct for humans.

But is it correct for domestic cats? I sense not. I think cats can sometimes find their human caregiver a little too heavy-handed. And if that is correct it slightly undermines the relationship.

The feather-light handling should be accompanied by a quiet melodious and friendly voice too. The sound should project friendliness and gentleness.

I am simply questioning the status quo. Is the default pressure applied when petting your cat companion entirely pleasant from your cat's perspective? 

The primary objective of petting is to please the cat. Is that forgotten sometimes? Do some people only think about pleasing themselves?

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