Friday 2 June 2023

Cooling down the dogs on a dog meat farm

CHINA - OPINION: Go to Twitter and search for 'dogs China'. All the top search results are dogs being treated cruelly in dog meat farms. Or dogs being cruelly transported on lorries to be driven to the south for the dog meat market. 

The dog are compressed into small metal cages. They are on top of each other. They are confused and terrified but they have blank expressions on their faces as if numbed by the experience. 

For them the alpha dog (the human) has turned against them when they should be supporting them. Alpha dog wants to eat pack member. That's what is looks like to the dog destined for the dog meat market.

Here, in this video, sickly sweet Chinese music plays over a dog meat farmer as he cools down the dogs in more rusty metal cages. These animals will be transported to the dog meat market.

It looks like a humanitarian, kindly act. No. He just wants to keep his dogs alive long enough so they can be brutally killed at the market so the meat is fresh. It is a commercial decision; not one based on animal welfare. I don't think the phrase 'animal welfare' exists in the Chinese language. Animal welfare laws certainly don't.

All these dogs, as far as I know, have been snatched from the street or from back or front yards. They are street dogs, domestic dogs or stray dogs. It doesn't make any difference to the brutes who make their money from this abject animal cruelty.

The law does nothing. Correction. There is no law in China to stop this. Imagine trying to do this in the UK or Sweden or the USA. You'd be in the criminal courts as fast as you could say 'dog meat'. 

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