Saturday 17 June 2023

Are cats allowed to enter mosques?

A big, loud YES, is the answer to the question in the title based on what I have seen on the internet. Although I am not a Muslim, I know the history of the domestic cat in relation to the Islamic Faith and I've seen cats entering mosques all over the world in videos and still images. They don't just enter mosques but some live in mosques. 

I've seen an imam allow a mother cat bring in her kittens to make a den inside the mosque. There is great tenderness towards cats and an acceptance of their presence. Although the same cannot be said of the general public in Muslim countries where there is the usual amount cruelty towards stray and feral cats of which there are too many.

Cat joins Muslims for prayers in a mosque
Cat joins Muslims for prayers in a mosque. Image: Twitter. THIS PICTURE IS FAR FROM BEING UNIQUE. I'VE SEEN MANY WHICH ARE SIMILAR.

I have seen cats participating in prayers and cats on the shoulders of imams while they lead prayers! The domestic cat can almost do anything in a mosque depending on the attitude of the imam but all of them seem to be very accepting of cats because of Prophet Mohammad's love of cats as told in the hadiths.

Imam loves his kitten
Imam loves his kitten and vice versa. Imam Mustafa Efe with a kitten inside his mosque: Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi Mosque, Istanbul. Joy in his eyes. Happiness for the kitten. Photo: Facebook

The history of cats in the Islamic Faith is very strong. Imams can't refuse the cat entry to their mosque as it would go against the wishes of the Prophet as I see it.

Dogs get a bad deal and it is very unfair. I wish Muslims were friendlier to dogs as they deserve. For some inexplicable reason (for me) dogs are regarded as unclean. Dirtier than cats when we know that this is not true in reality as dog owners keep their dogs clean with frequent baths!

Although cats are fastidious self-groomers, more so than dogs. Perhaps their attitude comes from that difference.

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