Saturday 3 June 2023

Asian man is JOYOUS as he cruelly tortures a confused dog

Please I don't want anyone saying I am being racist. I am not. I am reporting on what I see. If someone criticises me, they are defending animal cruelty of the most heinous type.

As they say, all the devils are here and during the Yulin dog festival and they are all in bloodyYulin. I makes me weep to see this. There is another picture adjacent to this one on Twitter which is worse but I can't handle it. I can't force myself to download and upload it because it means looking at it. 

Note: I believe this to be Yulin, China. If I am wrong tell me please. It changes nothing though.

Sorry. I can't show the picture here as there are advertisers on this page. Please click here to see it.

And these devils in human clothes in Yulin are doing it. They are completely without any moral code or awareness of what they are doing. They have no knowledge of animal sentience. No thought about the pain and acute distress they are causing. 

Just blank, mindless and ignorant heads full of sh*t. I hate them with a massive vengeance. These idiots are the people I hate the most by a big margin.

In a more civilised society with animal welfare laws, they'd be arrested on the spot and charged but in good old Yulin, nada. It is entirely accepted and admired.

Look at the onlookers. Gawping at the crazy animal torture. Voyeurs of the worst kind. Disgusting.

Approximately 10,000 dogs are slaughtered each year for the “festival”. Actually, word 'slaughter' is wrong as it implies abattoir and European standards. It is not. It is just beating them to death or worse.
An estimated 30 million dogs are killed for human consumption each year across Asia in a brutal trade that involves terrible cruelty to animals and often, criminal activity. - Humane Society

That is about half the human population of the UK. That is about half the total number of domestic dogs in the USA. Yes, in terms of numbers, 50% of the dogs in the USA are brutally killed annually for their flesh in Asia. Great. This is massive stain on humanity. 

It is so bad I wonder if it affects the social conscience of the Chinese and Asian generally. No, that can't be true.

The nadir or animal cruelty and it takes places 30 million times in 12 months and it is LEGAL! And if for bizarre reason it is technically illegal who gives a sh*t as the law is unenforced.

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