Friday 9 June 2023

The ultimate mature moggie is active and healthy at 27-years-of-age

This is Flossie, a dark tortoiseshell and a rescue cat who's 27 years old. She was adopted by Vicky from the Tunbridge Wells branch of Cats Protection in the UK. There are a couple of points to make.

Flossie a tortie cat aged 27
Flossie a tortie cat aged 27. Image: screenshot from Cats Protection video.

Flossie is remarkably fit and well for 27. This is about ten years longer than the typical domestic cat's lifespan. 

Despite being the Guinness World Record oldest living cat in the world, she is actually NOT the oldest living cat in the world as that accolade goes to Rosie, another tortoiseshell cat living in the UK as well, who's 32 years of age. A truly exceptional age for a domestic cat.

Rosie should be in Guinness's book instead of Flossie but she isn't because her owner has not made an application. This may change as Rosie has attracted a lot of attention recently. I should think Guinness World Records will try and contact her owner to put the record straight.

The video may not have a lifespan (excuse the pun) that is longer than this website which means that it may disappear from this page one day and if so, I am sorry. Or it may end up being a link to Twitter. Fine but not great.

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