Anger in the community as alleged multiple cat killer appears in court

Accused cat killer in court
Accused cat killer in court. Screenshot from video below.

The video explains the story. It is pretty horrible, but the guy is innocent until proven guilty as we all know. The protesting ladies are sure that he is the cat killer because he was captured by a security camera abducting one of the cats and the footage is sufficiently clear to identify the individual.

The guy is 18-years-of-age. He looks much older.


Please remember I can't guarantee that the video above will remain functional as it is embedded here and served up by a computer beyond my control.

The video caption is "Orangevale alleged cat killer appears in court. Madisen Keavy was outside the Sacramento County Main Jail where she questioned the accused cat killer and spoke with neighbors in Orangevale".

There are many cat killers in many countries. In fact, all countries have cat killers because the domestic, stray and feral cat polarises opinion and there are many disturbed people, almost always men or boys, who need to express their anger by killing innocent and available animals. 

The outside domestic cat is a very convenient target sadly. 


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