Saturday 22 October 2022

Cuddled cat asks for more kisses and gets them. Warm relationship.

A video which confirms (if you need it) that cats ask for kisses and cuddles. Well, they ask for stuff that they like, warm human behaviour and things that pleases them like favourite food treats. That's the function of the infinitely variable meow. The video provides one example.

Cat asks for more kisses and gets them
Cat asks for more kisses and gets them. Screenshot.

I love this relationship. There is a hell of a lot of warmth and a wonderful understanding between cat and human.

You can tell that they understand each other because there is great communication between them. 

Thie couple are 'talking' to each other through their actions and vocalisations.

Please note that these embedded video stop working sometimes. I don't control them. If it has stopped: apologies. It was nice!!

What is this cat wearing, I wonder? It looks like he is dressed up. Not sure about that. He is a ginger tabby. They are nearly always males and I hear nothing but good reports on the ginger tabby personality.

Ginger Cat Personality

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