Thursday 20 October 2022

CCTV captured cruel cat owner beating his cat

The MailOnline and other news media outlets are reporting on the cruel behaviour of Artur Zakowicz, 46, roughly picking up his cat, Bashik (tuxedo cat), by the loose skin on his back (not the scruff) and hitting him six times with his hand and flattening him to the ground. It is all on CCTV video and the quality is good.

I can't show the video here because the advertisers will object. And in any case, it will be unpleasant. Sorry, if that is disappointing but why watch an unpleasant video of cat cruelty? I will publish a distant video screenshot which should be okay. See below. 

If you want to see the video and some more stills, please visit the MailOnline page by clicking on this link (opens new page).

Artur Zakowicz beats his cat Bashik in the street with CCTV watching
Artur Zakowicz beats his cat Bashik in the street with CCTV watching. Credit: see image.

Ironically the CCTV cameras appears to be on a police station building (Blacon Police Station).

Bashik clearly struggled to escape as you would expect and managed to do so after 34 seconds precisely of being beaten.

There is no doubt that the experience must have been frightening and painful for his cat. He was tracked down by the RSPCA from the video footage.

RPSCA inspector Naomi Morris accompanied a police officer to Zakowicz's flat where he admitted the attack.

Bashik. Credit as per photo.

I think it is fair and useful to state that Zakowicz is a Polish name. Just for the record. Poles have a higher proportion of prisoners relative to their population in the UK than all other nationalities (868 in prison) bar Albanians who are miles out in front (1.5 million). I am being factual, please note.

By the time a veterinarian examined the cat it was 23 days after the assault and the cat had recovered.

However, the vet said that: "Persisting signs of bruising and soft tissue swelling would not be expected when considering the examination was carried out 23 days after the CCTV incident."

There were no skeletal injuries. Zakowicz was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a cat under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Bashik was seized and taken from him and will be rehomed by the RSPCA. On the 14th of October he was banned from keeping animals for five years. And sentenced to 15 days of rehabilitation activity (that won't do much good!), 200 hours of unpaid word, and pay a victim surcharge of £114 and costs of £500.

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