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CCTV captured cruel cat owner beating his cat

The MailOnline and other news media outlets are reporting on the cruel behaviour of Artur Zakowicz, 46, roughly picking up his cat, Bashik (tuxedo cat), by the loose skin on his back (not the scruff) and hitting him six times with his hand and flattening him to the ground. It is all on CCTV video and the quality is good. I can't show the video here because the advertisers will object. And in any case, it will be unpleasant. Sorry, if that is disappointing but why watch an unpleasant video of cat cruelty? I will publish a distant video screenshot which should be okay. See below.  If you want to see the video and some more stills, please visit the MailOnline page by clicking on this link (opens new page) . Artur Zakowicz beats his cat Bashik in the street with CCTV watching. Credit: see image. Ironically the CCTV cameras appears to be on a police station building (Blacon Police Station). Bashik clearly struggled to escape as you would expect and managed to do so after 34 seconds prec