Wednesday 26 October 2022

Cute cat literally throws herself into the arms of their caregiver

This is a cute video from Twitter of a very trusting cat literally throwing themselves into the arms of their caregiver. It is great to see such a warm and trusting relationship. The cat didn't check if it was okay to plonk down so dramatically. A very trusting action. It is about that: trust. It must have happened before as they decided to make a video of it.

Loving cat - loving relationship
Loving cat - loving relationship. Screenshot.

In fact, she must have done this countless times and learned that there was always an arm there to catch her. 

It is another demonstration that nearly all domestic cats love to have contact with their owners. They love that physical connection.  Some people lacking in cat behaviour knowledge still believe that domestic cats are 'solitary and aloof'. It is bollocks. They are very sociable nowadays and demand close contact with their caregiver. Of course, it depends on the individual cat.

If they don't get this connection by lying on their human, they might reach out with their paw and touch their arm.

Here is my late three-legged cat touching my arm. It is the same motivation.

Cat touches human
Picture: MikeB

And of course, there is the physical warmth factor which is so attractive in combination with the emotional warmth they obtain when physically connected to their surrogate mom.

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