Friday 23 September 2011

Black Cat Rehabilitation

The black cat has been out of favor since medieval times! The time of witches and witch's familiars! The church of the time in all its prejudice and ignorance declared the cat evil. And since those days there has been a lot of prejudice against the black cat. The black cat is unlucky or lucky in some places which right away tells us how illogical the whole black cat superstitions are.

You can read more about black cat superstitions and prejudices towards the cat on these pages:
We have Halloween coming up in October. Historically, some black cats get hurt at this time. You can see the connection.

Even at a basic level some people believe the black cat to be unlucky. This as mentioned harks back to medieval times.

Others might simply say that the black has a boring appearance. But that is not really fair. The black cat coat can look incredibly slick and shinny. It certainly looks fantastic on the Bombay cat, a purebred cat that has to be black and no other color.

What is not commonly realised is that the black cat is considered more healthy in general than cats of other coat types and colours.

This is not a fiction. It is rooted in science and critical observation. Wildcats are sometimes melanistic and it has been observed that they are more disease resistant. More work needs to be done but it appears that black cats are disease resistant. This page has a look at the issues.

So, I ask you to rehabilitate the black cat. Bring him and her to favor once again. Treat all black cats the same as other cats. Rescue centers kill more black cats than other types for the reasons as stated - they are less popular. If you are an adult, black cat at a rescue facility you probably have a much higher chance of being killed (euthanised - a euphemism) than all other cats.

Let us reverse that long standing trend. I have a pure black cat called Charlie. He has three legs. He is big and noisy. He likes his food and he lets me know about it. I love him.

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