Sunday 25 September 2011

Black Calico Cat

Today I have selected a fine example of a black calico cat, who lives in the Netherlands, to be featured on this page from the Facebook group page.

Here he is:

Black calico cat

Some people have called him a tortoiseshell cat. He is but as there is some white and as the tortoiseshell is very dark in the USA he is a black calico, I would say or a tortoiseshell and white in the UK.

He lives with Sientje Tierelier. See him here on FB in large format (opens a new window)

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  1. You are so wrong... this is MY cat, I cannot remember giving any permission for you to post this photo...
    HE does not live with Sientje Tierelier...SHE is Sientje Tierelier... HER name is Sientje Tierelier
    and she is part tortoiseshell part calico

  2. but thanks for calling her a fine example... she is an increadibly cute and sweet little cat
    Renske de Jong


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