Friday 30 September 2011

Black Calico Cat Picture

It's him again. The stunning black calico cat that I have to publish again on the home page because I have just seen a special photo of him:

Black calico cat

His coat glows and his blaze shows...prominently on his nose! A blaze is the dark line on down his nose.

Hey, I'm getting poetic. Not surprising seeing that he is a little symphony in orange, black and a smattering of white.

I think his name is Kenya Lion and that he is 3 months old and weighs 2.3kgs (5 pounds). He is large then. Gosh, he is a stunning cat. Imagine him walking around the house and a visitor pops by. He would catch your eye..

He lives with Gosia Zeszutek, I believe. I think she is a breeder. But I am in the black..err dark on that. See lots more of this cat on FB (opens new window/tab)

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