Wednesday 28 September 2011

Cats are Pawns in Divorce

One of the most distasteful aspect of divorce proceedings in the UK and perhaps around the world is the way the divorcing parties use the children in a battle over possessions. And believe me children are treated like possessions in some divorce cases.

I won't go into where the fault lies but it is all about the vulnerable. Children are vulnerable and dependent on their parents and therefore exposed to the whims of emotional adults who are fighting.

Cats are in the same position only more so. They are the most vulnerable family member. You hear countless stories of cats being hurt and killed by separating parties; it need not be divorce that prompts this bad behavior.

Often it is the violent male who kills the cat to hurt his former partner. In a recent case in the newspapers a variation on the theme has sprung to light.

The wife of a member of parliament in the UK knew of her husband's infidelity. In fact it was an open marriage. But she become upset and for some reason decided to enter upon her husband's girlfriend's property and steel her kitten.

This amounted to burglary, pure and simple. Unfortunately for the wife-burgler the husband had recently installed a CCTV surveillance camera so it was all on video.

Her motivation for steeling the kitten was that not only had her husband replaced her with a fresh, better looking women (my opinion!), he had also replaced their cat. So she took it. She was looking for information in divorce proceedings she said.

The wife denies burglary. I don't see how that will wash to be honest. What happened to the kitten - a lovely little tabby called "Beauty" by the way?

She hid the cat from her husband by putting it over the garden fence. Nice. So what happened to the cat?

The papers don't say. They wouldn't would they? Just not important or newsworthy enough.

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