Tuesday 27 September 2011

Cat Separation Anxiety Treatment

We shouldn't really be thinking about cat separation anxiety treatment. We should be thinking about how to remove the cause of the cat separation anxiety. Now that may not be possible of course.

Anxiety in a cat caused by the cat's separation from his or her human caretaker is probably fairly common. Incidentally I see no reason to assume that it cannot occur when a cat is separated from another cat.

Some cats may be predisposed to cat separation anxiety because they are for any number of reasons anxious cats. The classic underlying reason is early weaning.

Anxious cats are more likely to become aggressive as a defensive measure as they are less confident. Confident cats are probably the best cat companions if managed properly.

I have just responded to a young women's request for help to stop her male cat urinating on her clothes and bed when she is away. These are classic signs of cat separation anxiety. My ex-wife had the same problem because she liked to work hard and play hard. She was not at home enough. No criticism intended by the way.

It is probable that full-time indoor cats are more likely to suffer from anxiety on the departure of their companion because there is less going on around them to stimulate and distract them. These cats may indulge in displacement activities such as over grooming leaving bare patches of fur usually on the belly.

Provided all steps have been taken to improve the cat's environment to reduce stress and anxiety a last resort is drugs, medication.

If treatment of that sort is decided upon, the most natural form of medication must be the best starting point.

The one below is all natural. I would give it a try if you're stumped as to what to do and are tired of cleaning that damn duvet covered in your cat's pee!

Here is an earlier post on cat separation anxiety.

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