Saturday 24 September 2011

Suzie N Swizzle Tabby Cats

Facebook or FB for short is a powerful form of social media. Thanks to Elisa Black-Taylor (mainly) we have a lovely group of people who show off their cats on the FB group page. I call, PoC as it takes less time to type it.

I am going to select my favorite cat or cats and the story concerning the cats (if there is one) every day for the next week and put them on the home page - this page - as a thank you for joining the group and to spread the word that these are great cats.

This page gets a decent number of visitors; it's in the tens of thousands per month. So the selected cats will be in the spotlight for a while.

Here is my first selection:

Suzie and Swizzle

Meet Suzie and Swizzle....errr no this is Swizzle N Suzie..They are sisters and I guess great company for each other. They are gray/brown tabby and white (not much white) cats. They fight over who gets named first.

I chose Suzie N Swizzle because I love the names as a double act and I think they are beautiful, contented, tabby cats.

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