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Wednesday 8 May 2024

13 super-short amusing cat behaviour stories

The picture is free to use under a Creative Commons license.

Cats are known for their quirky and unpredictable behaviour, and there are plenty of amusing cat stories out there. Here are a few that might make you smile:

  1. Armpit Licker: One cat owner shared that their feline friend, Earl, has a peculiar habit of licking their husband’s armpits while he’s sleeping. Quite the unexpected wake-up call! 😸

  2. Anti-Reading Marv: Another cat, Marv, apparently despises when their owner reads aloud. Marv resorts to desperate measures, like climbing on top of the book and biting their owner’s wrists in protest. Perhaps Marv prefers audiobooks? 📚

  3. Art Critic Cat: A cat owner had a portrait of Jesus leaning against a wall, waiting to be wrapped as a Christmas gift. Their mischievous cat decided to drag the picture frame across the room. The cat’s artistic intentions remain a mystery! 🎨

  4. Gassy Cat: Imagine a cat that farts like a grown man! Vanessa Ryan’s cat certainly does. It’s a talent, I suppose! 💨

  5. Hair Dryer Enthusiast: One cat spends a solid 10 minutes every morning licking the hair dryer. Perhaps it’s a secret spa treatment? 💆‍♀️

  6. Xbox Controller Sabotage: A crafty cat learned how to press the release disc button on an Xbox. Whenever their owner was playing, the cat would give them a knowing look and eject the game. Clever kitty! 🎮

  7. Gas Stove Aficionado: A cat owner discovered their feline had turned on the gas stove and was huffing the fumes. Safety first, though—those stove knobs had to be removed! 🔥

  8. Kisses on the Mouth: Some cats wake their owners up with gentle kisses. But this particular cat aims for the mouth, which can be quite surprising (and sometimes painful)! 😽

  9. Plastic Wrap Connoisseur: Ever met a cat that exclusively nibbles on plastic wrap from loaf bread? This cat has a unique taste preference! 🍞

  10. Anti-French Anthem: Sing the French national anthem anywhere in the house, and this cat will find you and launch an attack. Clearly, it’s not a fan! 🇫🇷

  11. Thumbtack Collector: A sneaky cat steals thumbtacks from corkboards and deposits them into shoes. Shoe surprises, anyone? 👠

  12. Proclaimers Fan: Whenever the song “I’m Gonna Be” by The Proclaimers plays, this cat rushes to the stereo and stands on its hind legs. Musical taste, perhaps? 🎶

  13. Fireplace Stare-Down: All three of Katyna Singleton’s cats stare into the fireplace when the flue is open—even when there’s no fire. Spooky! 👀

These delightful cat tales prove that our feline friends are full of surprises. Sources: Buzzfeed, British Newspaper Archive and Floppy Cats.

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P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

Saturday 26 June 2021

Weird cat-like creatures found in South Africa in 2017. What were they?

Back in January 2017 it was reported that bizarre cat-like creatures had been found behind a cupboard in a home in north-western South Africa. The photograph shows us that they are indeed bizarre-looking. But what is equally bizarre, for me, is that there was no follow-up story telling us more about these creatures. Sometimes I believe that they were a prank. A photo-editing exercise to jazz up the news on a quiet day. You know how people are taken in my stories of weird creatures.

Weird cat-like creatures found behind cupboard in South Africa
Weird cat-like creatures found behind cupboard in South Africa. Image in public domain.

Were they domestic cats bred by somebody in the home? They might be a hybrid cat which looks a bit like an Oriental Shorthair. The very slender body and large ears points to the fact that they were Oriental Shorthair siblings but that's a wild guess.

The news media described them as 'half-rat, half-cat' creatures. I guess I can go along with that description. In the photograph they appear to be wet and black. What is sad is that when they were discovered 4 of them were killed immediately and the remaining 2 were taken to the SPCA to be investigated. They believe that they were an unusual cat breed but they didn't report back to the public via news media.

And to kill 4 of the 6 is ridiculous. It was obviously done out of fear and ignorance. But they were living creatures and I presume they were sentience animals and therefore you don't just kill them because you're frightened. You do your best to do the right thing which is to gently investigate and protect them if you can.

It's a very mysterious story which needs to be cleared up. The point is though that the world does not produce weird and wonderful new creatures that have never been seen before. Perhaps, you might find a weird creature in the deep darkness of the ocean which has never been seen before. But you don't find an animal behind your cupboard in South Africa that is entirely new to the world! Therefore, this is an animal that already exists and it does not look like a rat but it looks more like a cat.

The best guess is that these were young, black, Oriental Shorthair cats or an example of clever photoshopping. If anybody has information about this find, please write a comment to enlighten the world!

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