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Should you let your Bengal cat outside? Answer: it depends!

I have just visited my doctor's surgery. I walked down to the clinic (about 25 minutes) and on the way back I saw a beautiful Bengal cat on the sidewalk and then crossing the road before entering the grounds of his home through the grille of a fence where he marked his territory against an object in the front garden. It got me thinking. Why was this Bengal cat outside wandering freely? Should you let your Bengal cat outside? And the answer is, it depends. Here is the cat I describe. It is a poor quality picture I am afraid: Bengal cat wandering outside in Kingston Upon Thames. Image: MikeB I do not believe that you can let your Bengal cat go outside in the way that I saw today, to roam freely at will wherever they want to. Bengals are too glamorous and too enticing to steal. The cat I saw was beautiful and stood out. Supervision However, I do believe that Bengal cats should be allowed outside under supervision. This means that if, in the instance I refer to above, you live in a cit