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Thursday 29 December 2022

Domestic cats enjoy small spaces like glass vases because they feel safer and it's fun

This is all about feeling secure and having fun. And that's interesting because it hints at the possibility (fact?) that domestic cats often feel a little insecure and need more entertainment. Why? Because they are barely domesticated and live in a human environment which is inherently unnatural despite their great ability to adapt.

We see domestic cats jump into boxes, large and small. And we see them wriggle and squirm into glass vases as in the video on this page.

The underlying motivation is the same: a feeling of security. Plus, there must be an element of self-entertainment.

The Twitter video below may stop working. If that has happened, I am sorry but I can't control it.

Domestic cats need mental stimulation as many live indoors full-time. Humans are often too busy or pre-occupied to entertain their cat companions. They have to find ways to entertain themselves.

Cats are also naturally and instinctively inquisitive. It is part of their hunting skill set. When hunting they have to investigate all the time to check out the availability of possible prey animals.

That's inquisitiveness in action for survival. But in the human home it is for a substitute: entertainment.

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