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Monday 17 January 2022

Morten Morland's cartoon 'Operation Dead Meat' showing dead cats and a horse is in bad taste

I regularly see the work of Morten Moreland in The Times newspaper as I get the paper every day. I hope that I have not upset anybody by reproducing the cartoon here. I would hope that I can plead fair use. I know that this cartoon is copyright protected but if it is a problem to the author or anybody else then please leave a comment and I will respond rapidly.

Morten Morland cartoon 'Operation Dead Meat' is in bad taste
Morten Morland's cartoon 'Operation Dead Meat' is in bad taste. It shows dead cats being swung around like inanimate objects. It is horrible.

In the meantime, I fell compelled express my views on the cartoon. As an animal advocate this cartoon is in very bad taste in my opinion. I don't think that I need to explain myself. I am referring particularly to the cats. I am a cat lover and I have a very large website about domestic and wild cats. 

This is treating dead cats like funny objects by Boris Johnson and Nadine Dorries (Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) in the armour. They are spinning dead domestic cats around their heads while sitting on a dead horse. It's just unpleasant. And I don't think it's funny.

The cartoon is a reference, by the way, to the need to shut up the backbench MPs currently in the House of Commons. This is because they want blood because of Boris Johnson's poor performance. So Boris feels that he needs to throw them some red meat which they can consume like lions in a cage at the zoo to keep them quiet.  The 'red meat' will be strong right-wing policies to be instigated rapidly. This will help Boris stay in power. His position is fragile.

And in this instance the phrase "red meat" has been changed to "dead meat" as a reference to Boris. He is going to be ejected from the top job.

Saturday 28 August 2021

Hospice patient gets Sylvester the Cat tattoo as a final wish

NEWS AND COMMENT - KANSAS CITY, USA: I don't have much information about this but it caught my eye. A hospice patient, Clara Burnett, 83, had a lifelong wish fulfilled last week when she received a Sylvester the Cat cartoon to her forearm. 

Hospice patient gets Sylvester the Cat tattoo as a final wish
Hospice patient gets Sylvester the Cat tattoo as a final wish. Photo: Opera News.

Clara is a resident of Harbor Hospice in Johnson County. That's all I know! The reason is because the website is barred to me because I live in Europe and the website owner does not want to comply with European website regulations on privacy.

Quite a lot of people have Sylvester the Cat tattoos! Incidentally, I have a page on cartoon cats (click here to see it).

Here is a little bit of information about Sylvester. He is a Warner Bros cartoon star. His biography would include the fact that he has a lisp and is a bird-craving, black-furred, white-bellied cat who began his screen career in Life with Feathers in 1945. He had a saying which is very well known for this cartoon cat: "Sufferin' succotash". 

He starred in 104 cartoons and was animated by Friz Freleng who said that the cat was designed "subtly to like a clown with a big red nose and a very low crotch to look like he was wearing baggy pants". Mel Blanc provided the voice. Click here to read more about Sylvester.

Back to Clara. When you are dying, it is a moment when you really must do the things that you thought about doing for the previous decades of your life. We tend to look to the future and tell ourselves that we will do 'that' in the future, whatever it is. And then suddenly the future arrives and 'that thing' has not been done.

I think this scenario applies to this lady so she decided to go for it. She had to travel across the state line to Midtown Tattoo for the procedure. It took commitment and no doubt it has made her happy.

Wednesday 14 July 2021

Is Garfield a real cat?

Garfield is an enormously popular fictional cat from the imagination of Jim Davis. But that isn't the complete story in my opinion. I believe that Garfield is a ginger tabby cat. Ginger tabby cats are very real. Garfield is real in the sense that there are real versions of him everywhere. Ginger tabbies are normally considered to be savvy and leaders of other cats in colonies. They are sometimes called red tabbies.

Garfield. Picture now in the public domain. Disagree? Please comment.

It is interesting to note that Davis named Garfield after his grandfather whose name was James A. Garfield Davis. Before he created Garfield, Davis tried a comic strip about a gnat. It didn't work out and decided to choose a cat as a cartoon character because he "noticed there were a lot of comic strip dogs who were commanding their share of the comic pages but precious few cats."

I have no record of this, but I suspect that Davis looked at pictures of cats to choose a suitable coat colour and pattern as a basis for his character. Or he may have seen a stray cat or his neighbour may have had a red tabby cat. He must have known about the red tabby because Garfield is certainly one. Garfield is orange but then sometimes red tabby cats are also called orange tabbies! And even yellow tabbies! You get the drift.

A ginger tabby cat called Garfield
A ginger tabby cat called Garfield. Photo: his human guardian.


Wikipedia says that Garfield is a Persian purebred cat. I would argue that that is unlikely because Garfield's personality is almost the opposite to that of the Persian which is rather sensitive and genteel. Garfield was always playing cruel tricks and was selfish and hedonistic. Wikipedia describes him as lazy, smug, sarcastic with a passion for human food. Not a Persian :) .

Davies drew the cartoon strips 8 to 10 weeks in advance of publication. In 2021 this comic character is still running daily which is remarkable considering his continued popularity and the fact that he was launched on June 19, 1978.

Saturday 26 July 2014

Siamese Cat Cartoon

Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese cat is a Canadian-American animated television series.   It is also educational.  It aired with PBS Kids.  In this television series the action is set in about 1840 during the Quing Dynasty.   The series is about family obligations and loyalty.

Sagwa lives in the palace of a magistrate in Hong Kong before it was colonised.  Sagwa is part of a colony of cats living in the Palace who have the ability to write with their tails.

The Siamese cats are involved in adventures incorporating moral lessons to educate children which is typical of children's shows.  Chinese culture is also on display which helps to raise awareness of an alternative culture.

See cartoon cats for stuff.

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