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Friday 9 June 2023

As her godfather Steven Spielberg gave Drew Barrymore a female cat

Drew Barrymore was the child star daughter of John Drew Barrymore who was an abusive alcoholic. Drew Barrymore starred in the film ET when she was 6-years-old. She believed that the model of the alien ET was a real alien. 

Drew Barrymore and one of her rescue cats 2023
Drew Barrymore and one of her rescue cats 2023. Photo: Tidy Cats.

In order to protect this useful thought as it helped Drew to perform with more conviction, Spielberg ensured that ET acted as a real alien all the time even when they were not filming by directing that two operators continued to operate the model at all times.

Drew admits that she did not have real parents. As mentioned, her father was alcoholic and she had a 'very difficult and painful' relationship with her mother who she continued to support for years.

Because of this lack of parenting, she asked Spielberg if he would be her father. He declined but agreed to be her godfather. They were very close.

Drew and ET who she believed was real
Drew and ET who she believed was real. Image: Universal.

In accordance with his duties in that role he gave her a female cat that Drew named Gertie. The Times newspaper reports that the website Vulture say that that she would take Gertie to Disneyland.

Despite her troubled childhood and taking to drugs at the tender age of 10 when she smoked cannabis for the first time and snorted cocaine when 12, Drew had a successful acting career after rehabilitation.

Today she has seven pets including four rescue cats

"I love seeing animals first thing in the morning. I love it when they sleep on the bed with me"
She loves animals and she looks great and healthy in recent photographs. Well done, Drew.

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