Friday 17 November 2023

Social media celebrities Travis Nelson and his cat Sigrid were knocked off their bike in London

You may have heard of Travis Nelson and his beautiful, white Norwegian Forest Cat, Sigrid. Sigrid is an amazing cat because she is incredibly calm and she sits in a basket at the front of the bike while Travis peddles around London in the thick of traffic it seems to me.

It looks hazardous but until now Travis has avoided any incidents. He's become a celebrity as has Sigrid in her own right (she has hundreds of thousands of social media followers). Travis has written a book which is available on Amazon and good luck to him. Click this to buy the book.

This celebrity social media lifestyle started quite quietly during Covid lockdown when he decided to take his cat out and it gradually evolved into this very special relationship where Sigrid insists on going out on his bike as a passenger while he travels around London. He captures all his exploits on his bike with Sigrid on his smartphone which make very nice social media videos which you can see on TikTok.

The accident

Social media celebrities Travis Nelson and his cat Sigrid were knocked off their bike in London
Travis and Sigrid knocked of their bike by a moped. The moped rider apologised and admitted that it was his fault. Travis was magnanimous. Screenshot.

He also publishes his videos on Twitter and I guess YouTube. And here we have his video of him being knocked off his bike in central London by what appears to be a moped coming up rapidly on his right-hand side. The moped driver knocks into his handlebar which results in Travis losing control and falling off his bike with Sigrid.

Sigrid takes it all in her stride. Travis grabs her to make sure that she doesn't run away. After the accident, a lady comes up to him and asks if he is okay and he says that he is.

His knee is injured and he says that he will have difficulty riding his bike in the immediate future. The police were also there and they I think queried why he wasn't wearing a helmet.

Criticised on social media

And finally, on social media, he was harangued and criticised for taking his cat out in London in the unusual way that he does. He was threatened with reports to the RSPCA! This is a major overreaction I think by what appears to be slightly nasty people. Leave the guy alone. He is a good cat caregiver. He is providing his cat with a lot of mental stimulation and excitement. And he is making a few quid at the same time.


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