Thursday 2 November 2023

Woman with seven cats trapped in her home surrounded by floodwater

Scotland has been incredibly wet recently. In fact, the whole of the UK is completely sodden and it is raining incessantly at the moment in the south of England. Is this global warming? We didn't used to get it this wet in years gone by. Nowhere near. Scotland has suffered the worst of it and Ms Brown in Brechin, Scotland, says that it is the worst flooding she has seen in 25 years.

Ms Brown trapped in her home with her 7 cats on River Street, Brechin, Scotland
Ms Brown trapped in her home with her 7 cats on River Street, Brechin, Scotland. Image: PA.

She is trapped in her home with her seven cats. It seems fortunate to me that her home is slightly raised with steps leading to the front door. This must have helped to protect her home from flooding inside.

The chaos has been caused by Storm Babet with many residents evacuated from homes and cars and lorries stranded.

I will turn my mind to the problems encountered by Ms Brown, stuck in her home with her seven cats. The question for her will be when she can leave her home to buy some food and other provisions.

And this begs the question as to whether she has sufficient food and cat litter in her home to supply her cats for the foreseeable future. As a rough guess, I would estimate that she won't be able to get out of the house - unless she swims or rescue teams come around in a boat - for about a week.

With seven cats, she needs quite a lot of food and cat litter so unless she has a good supply she will run out.

The story also begs the question as to whether people should have seven cats! A tricky question. I don't think they should. Ms Brown lives on a road, ironically called River Street. I suspect her cats are full-time indoor cats to protect them from road traffic.

I don't think it is viable to keep seven cats inside a home full-time unless you are incredibly well organised which is highly unlikely. You'll get cat smells, poop smells, urine smells, you name it and you've got it in terms of odours. Ammonia comes to mind. That's because it's almost impossible to keep a home with seven cat odour free when they live inside full-time.

It can be done and it has been done but with great expertise and commitment. I'm not saying that Ms Brown has a smelly home. It is likely that she has but is not certain. She may manage her seven cats really well. That said, I still don't think seven cats should be banged up inside a home full-time.

My neighbour has a similar number and they, too, are full-time indoor cats. One of them cried outside in a miserable cat run for about two months and now he has fallen silent. His morale has been crushed by the fact that he knows that he will never get out. So, I am sure that he just curls up and sleeps all day. I find that difficult to accept. I don't like to think about it because it upsets me.

The video below come from the Daily Mail newspaper and I can't guarantee that it will continue to function in the long-term future. If it has stopped functioning, I am sorry.

P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

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