Thursday 16 November 2023

One key factor in making more money as a social media influencer

There is, according to a study, one key aspect of making more money if you are in the business of being a social media influencer, which, I have to add is incredibly competitive. Very few make it big in this profession and the kind of money you can earn in the lower echelons will be tiny. However, there appears to be a universal rule to make more money and the formula is: the more skin someone shows, the more profitable the post.

JoJo Barbie has 10.3 million followers. She flashes the flesh a lot while showing off her bum and breasts. Image: Instagram.
JoJo Barbie has 10.3 million followers. She flashes the flesh a lot while showing off her bum and breasts. Image: Instagram. This is her latest post at 16th November 2023.

An assistant professor of Erasmus University Rotterdam did some research on this. She first started to get interested in the topic after buying a fitness programme from the site of Amanda Bisk, a yoga teacher and Instagram influencer.

She asked herself why did she buy into this fitness programme and how does Amanda influence her? And there was a clue in that Amanda shows a lot of flesh. She wondered whether this was the key reason why Bisk is successful.

She decided to study it more scientifically. She asked an influencer agency for the market rates for the top 100 accounts in each of the following five categories: fashion, fitness, music, photography and food.

For those who don't know, most Instagram influences make their money from posting sponsored content on their Instagram pages. The advertisers pay influencers to create posts promoting their products.

And for the top accounts ranging from 1.4 million to 65.8 million followers (an awful lot as you can see) the average estimated price paid for each sponsored picture is about £14,500 (as at the date of this article)!

Most of the influencers post twice per week and therefore they make almost £30,000 a week!

There are other factors such as how many engaged followers there are i.e. those they make comments and enter into a dialogue, and how many 'likes' there are. 

Male influences earn more than female influences which is unsurprising.

Armed with the information from the agency she studied the nudity factor (as I have called it), which is if the post featured nudity to the point where more than 50% of the person was naked or the image focused on the breast or bottom, they found that the advertising revenue was 4% higher!

So, flashing the flesh, breast and bum increases earnings by 4%. Think on that. And if you are new to the market and have a nice body and don't mind showing it off it probably pays to flash the flesh.

Newcomers should also realise that the top influencers have a team working for them who help decide what is more successful and what is likely to fail. Essentially it appears that the advisers are able to better target an audience and provide the audience with what they want. Perhaps they are able to look at things far more objectively which means they are more businesslike.

But the underlying principle or formula is to be 50% naked!
P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

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