Tuesday 14 November 2023

Is there are matchup between cats of a certain character and people of a certain character?

I think I can keep this short and concise. The question is asking if, for example, gentle, shy people get along better with cats that are shy, gentle and timid. Or whether aggressive people get along with more dominant cats. Or perhaps they'd get along with submissive cats? There are a huge number of permutations. And also, both human and cat personality is very fluid and complex. It is difficult to categorise both human and cat personality with precision. Do opposites attract or repel?

The news media like to find neat answers to the question by saying that this cat breed is a perfect match with this type of person. The problem there is that you are only referring to cat breeds and not moggies which means you have cut out of the discussion the vast majority of domestic cats as pedigree cats are much rarer than random bred cats. 

And the breeds can have different characters in general terms while moggies don't. For moggies it is all about the character of individual cats. But that applies to purebred cats too. For purebred cats there is the character of the breed and the character of the individual cat working together. Although the character of the breeds is exaggerated by news media and the cat fancy.

The answer to the question in the title is almost certainly No. I don't think it is possible to create a nice neat chart which cross references the breeds with people of a certain character. I have just visited a website where they did that and it is all fiction. The truth is that online media like to neatly package things to make it easy to digest for the mass of internet surfers but they are being misled if they believe the stuff.

The only way to match up a cat of a certain character with a person of a certain character is for the latter to meet the former and see if they get on. To see if the cat comes forward and appears to enjoy the company of the person. It is a one-on-one encounter to see if they are compatible; have chemistry. Then you build on that in the relationship. Actually, it can start badly and warm up. Sometimes the most unlikely partnerships between cat and person blossom and become great.

Don't rely on charts and formulae which look too good to be true because they are. And don't believe what the experts say about the differences in cat breed character. There are some differences but they can be subtle and they can be overridden by the character of an individual cat. There are two overlapping factors: cat breed character (an umbrella concept) and the character of an individual as mentioned.


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