Sunday 9 January 2022

Your cat does hear when you call. It's just ignoring you, study says. True or False?

I remember this study well. And I think they have missed out a crucial element of the domestic cat's psyche and behaviour. It is not that domestic cats simply want to ignore their owner who loves them so much. It is that domestic cats can, sometimes, take their time in processing a request to come to them by their owner. And they can take time to respond to their owner's requests with respect to other invitations. It's a matter of cognitive processing, no more or less. It's a topic that is hardly ever discussed. It goes to cat intelligence which is sometimes discussed in an entertaining way.

Another point is that sometimes cats generally don't want to interact with their owner. It is not that they are ignoring their owner it is simply that they have their own free will. They receive the call to come and decide against it. Simple 😊. The same applies to people and therefore we cannot criticise domestic cats for an attitude which is very commonplace in their human caregivers.

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In fact, the human caregivers of cats do not respond to their cats' calls sometime. Same thing. The key is to give your cat time. Patience is a great quality in people when they interact with their domestic cat companions. In all respects of living with a feline. Patience, respect, gentleness, calm and acceptance are all good attitudes to have.

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