Sunday 30 January 2022

Prettiest pet cat (British Longhair) likes to play fetch

Here is the celebrity cat Smoothie, a British Longhair who likes to play fetch, a dog-like behavior. Although if a cat likes to play fetch you can't say that cat is dog-like because some cats like to do this. It is fun. It is a form of play-hunting whereas dogs do it because they are working dogs trained to fetch birds that have been shot by their owner.  A horrible thought. There is a different motivator I believe.

Female British Longhair: devastating pretty and likes to play fetch with a ball. Photo: Instagram.

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Many years ago, I decided that the British Longhair was probably the most attractive breed because it incorporated all the positives of the Persian without the health problems of that popular breed. Also, the British Longhair is not bred to extreme. It is just a nicely balanced all round cat but exceedingly attractive. 

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Surprisingly, the breed is not that well-known and is far less popular than the Persian. The reason behind this defeats me. It just may be publicity. Once a cat breed becomes popular it gathers more publicity and the same happens if the cat is overlooked and lacks publicity. A breed needs to gain traction in order to gain in popularity. Smoothie should continue to help publicise the breed.

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