Saturday 1 January 2022

Thailand: free giveaway Siamese cat, dark colour, two months old

The advert on the Cat Thailand website is:  แจกฟรี แมววิเชียรมาศ สีเข้ม อายุ2เดือน, which translates to "Free Giveaway Siamese cat, dark, two months old.

Thailand: free giveaway Siamese cat, dark colour, two months old
Thailand: free giveaway Siamese cat, dark colour, two months old.

The cat looks very much like a Burmese cat or a dark Siamese. Although it will not be a purebred cat because he or she is not registered with a cat association. But the cat has a very nice appearance, very reminiscent of a purebred Burmese although lighter in colour. But this is a nice pointed cat.

The Cat Thailand website has lots of free cats. I find it interesting to explore websites from countries other than those in the West. It's instructive. We shouldn't confine ourselves to the cultures and ideas of the West. We need to push the envelope and go thousands of miles to Asia for example. It provides us with an insight into what happens in those countries on cat ownership.

In the West, you shouldn't see this sort of free giveaway cat advert. No doubt you do but it is frowned upon. This is because the cat can go to the wrong person. The kind of person who might abuse animals. Sometimes cats are used to train dogs to fight. These sorts of people scour the free cat adverts. As I recall, the website prohibits adverts of this kind.

Thai tabby cat with shortened tail
Thai tabby cat with shortened tail.

All the adverts are of non-purebred cats which is why they are being given away for free. There is another interesting one of a cat with a very short tail. This is a tabby cat. Random bred cats without tails are more common in Asia than in the West. This is not a Manx cat. He or she will be a standard moggy who inherited a stubby tail. These things happen and it is caused by a "spontaneous genetic mutation" to use the language of geneticists.

In another advert of a very pretty tortoiseshell-and-white cat, the advertiser simply states "looking for a home for a three month old female cat". They don't say that this is a tortoiseshell cat. I think it would have helped the advert if they had mentioned it. It seems that they don't know that they have a tortoiseshell cat.

There seems to be a certain amount of informal cat breeding going on in Thailand leading to an excess of unwanted cats. The same thing happens in the West.

What is the point of this article? It is to make us think about the worldwide cat issues. To explore cultures other than those in the West. To educate ourselves about them. There is a purebred cat marketplace in Asia but it is less well developed than in, say, America, which is the premier purebred cat marketplace. The UK is also very big on purebred cats but there are far fewer purebred cats than random bred cats in both these countries.

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