Picture of my cat snuggling up to me while I work

My cat looking cute keeping warm between my legs while I work on the website. He loves the warmth. He is very keen, like many domestic cats, on heat.

My cat snuggling up
My cat snuggling up. Photo: MikeB

Note: If you click on the photo, you can see it in large format. It looks much better and it shows how good the Samsung S20 camera is. It is a superb camera.

My cat takes up this position while I work on the website on my computer which is on my lap. On this occasion I removed the computer to allow myself to photograph him. I used a Samsung S20 ultra. You can release the shutter on the camera by saying certain words such as "smile" or "shoot". This is incredibly useful because you can hold the smart phone much more still when you release the shutter. You don't have to fiddle around trying to tap the shutter release button or tap the screen. I love this facility. It allows me to get sharp photographs such as this one under low-like conditions. This looks as if it was well lit but it wasn't. It took place quite early in the morning.


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