Wednesday 19 January 2022

Do cats judge us? No, in my view.

Do cats judge us? I was going to say that this is a silly question but it isn't that bad. But it is a question based on human behaviour. Judging other people is what humans do. It can be quite a bad habit. Sometimes people don't have the right to judge others because to do so is hypocritical.

Cats don't judge us
Cats don't judge us 😊. Image: MikeB

But when you judge somebody you measure them against standards. These may be personal standards or universally accepted standards of morality and socially acceptable behaviour. It's quite a complicated process.

I don't think babies or young children judge people because they have not learnt about those standards. They not learned about societal standards and they don't have any moral standards of their own. They have not had sufficient time to gain the necessary experience.

I mention that because in many ways domestic cats are like babies. They are far more instinctive than humans. They don't have moral standards in my view. They do expect certain behaviour from other individuals be they a human or another cat. If they don't recognise some forms of human behaviour they might be confused. They may adapt to it. Domestic cats are very adaptable.

But they don't judge people. They tend to accept what is before them in terms of behaviour and if it is unusual to them they will be initially confused and perhaps fearful. The domestic cat world is relatively very simplistic compared to that of humans.

Their world revolves around hunting, snoozing, sleeping, eating and then hunting. Hunting is substituted by play when they are not allowed to hunt or there is nothing to hunt. But there's no complexity in the life which perhaps automatically eliminates the concept of judging others. In their lives there is nothing really to judge.

All domestic cats are excellent hunters. They are top predators. They are behaving in a very similar manner. There is little variation which blocks discretion and options to do things which are unacceptable. So if they were minded to judge other cats there'd be nothing to judge.

I'm probably over complicating the answer. Cats don't judge us. The worst that can happen, as mentioned, is that they are confused by the human environment and human behaviour sometimes. But they work around it and adapt.

These are personal views. You may well have opposing views. If so, tell me, please.

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